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Avila in three times


  • By Carlos Apitz /  2018
  • Size: 16x40in / 20x60in
  • Technique: Print, Acrylic on canvas


“Avila in three times” is a reproduction printed on canvas of an original painting by Carlos Apitz with the same name. Each impression is manually intervened, there are never two exactly the same. The graphic elements, lines as well as other elements are placed by hand in each piece, to later be varnished, which gives protection and enhances all colors.
It is printed in two sizes 16x40in and 20x60in with one inch depth, which is hand painted.

About style
The style of using “various times” in paintings with mountainous landscapes is an original creation of Carlos Apitz and is typical in many of his works.
It consists of dividing the landscape at various times of the day (basically morning, afternoon and night) and studying how the colors in the landscape change during these periods; to later interpret them on a horizontal or elongated canvas. Placing then synthetic, graphic or floral elements.

Información adicional

Peso N/D
Dimensiones 2 × 40 × 30 in
Print Size

16x40in, 20x60in